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I'm headed...

Hello and welcome ~

For years my path has taken me the route of Corporate America even though my heart screamed for a more meaningful existence. Working for someone else day in and day out never felt like my life had purpose. If you have ever worked in an office, I'm sure you can relate.

Forward to September 2018 when I decided to take a Fundamentals class in Biofield Tuning. From the get-go I was hooked. I took the biggest leap of faith in my life and signed up for the Biofield Practitioners Course.

Like they say... yes....the "rest is history," but for me it is only the Beginning of fulfilling my life's dream of helping other's with their own Journey of both physical & Spiritual healing.

Come and join me and let's work together for the betterment of our lives!

With much Love & Blessings,


~ Gisele

 Lavender Bliss Studio