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Come & join me in my lovely zen room to revive your mind, body & soul!

I will also have an essential oil diffuser

with a relaxing scent for you.


How often should you receive a treatment?

This is a question I get asked often. How many treatments will I need?
Similar to Chiropractic Care, it depends on the unique needs of the individual.  It’s like peeling back an onion because it is cumulative stuck energy.  We work in the Biofield (or Aura) looking for static charges and incoherence in the field as far back as Utero.  By lifting the distortion frequencies back to one’s own unique frequency, integrating it through the system, balance and entrainment is restored.


I also offer long distance sessions that

work just as well.

Discounts offered on 3-sessions.

 Lavender Bliss Studio